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Internet sites for all

Websites to promote you, your product or your company! Associations, sports clubs, etc.

How do we do the WEB?

In the sea ONLINE offer for making a website, you stumbled upon us!? What distinguishes us from others!? Quality, simplicity and communication! We do not complicate communication with clients or the process of making your web. We stick to the essence and watch to do it well. The information must be presented in the best possible way! Let your WEB story begin with us!

WEB Package


Web Package Lucija is intended for smaller companies that have a constant supply of products and services, but they do not need to change content frequently.

You Get:


500,00 EUR

WEB Package


Web Package Mirta is the best package! Web sites are not wood, therefore it is difficult to make categorization of prices and descriptions. Each page is unique..

You Get:


How much does it cost?

Interested in the price of the website? Describe a little project for us, we return an unbinding offer!

Your Web, your responsibility!

Your obligations in the process of creating a website. What do you need?

Clear goal

What do you want to achieve with the website? What is your target audience, i.e. Users? Who are your competitors? Just think about it, and let us know.


You have an idea of how the website should look. very good! Do you have materials such as texts, images, references, etc. Content you want to publish. That’s what we need!


You have a logo and a visual identity, or you don’t. What color do you like? We need guidance for the design. Your desires and examples of what you like.

Web Technology

We specialize in cutting-edge technology and web design!

Responsive design

Our works look great on all devices (cell phones, tablets, computers), regardless of the screen size that the visitor is using.

Create ads

Format a marketing story. Creating online advertising campaigns. Making banners and similar promotional materials.

Web applications

Development of Web sites that satisfy the needs of you, but also your users. Internet Commerce, ticketing systems. Various projects!

Search Engine Optimization

SEO for your site and online projects. Make sure your product, company and activity are found.