We love and do
what we like!

Solutions and Services

By diversifying activities and continuing training and education, we offer you the following products and services:

Our own applications for invoicing and business management. Trade, services and catering.

* We are implementing, maintaining and educating all the fiscal cash registers on the market.

Service and computer maintenance. Hardware and software. We’re solving all the problems you have with your PC.

* We do completely everything related to computers. upgrades, repairs, installations.

Service and maintenance of laptops. Hardware and software. We’re solving all the problems you have with your laptop.

* We’re doing completely everything related to laptops. upgrades, repairs, installations.

You need a website? Want to be present on the Internet with your activity and/or product? No problem! Let us do it for you! You’ll be amazed!

* Web site customized for all. Starting at 500,00 EUR.

Designing business cards, invitations for wedding guests, leaflets, brochures, posters, memoranda, catalogs, calendars, envelopes and similar advertising material.

* We do a complete design and preparation for the press.

Create a visual story for your business and/or product. Logo production, color matching and drafting of the Book of standards and accompanying materials.

* The visual identity is more than a mere logo.

Renting IT Equipment

Large selection of quality, factory-restored IT equipment. Computers, laptops and monitors with warranty!

* Why would you buy a computer and/or equipment? pay what you use!

Computer network

Structured cabling, setting up a functional network in your company with a license system. Connect many different devices.

* Planning, designing and setting up a functional network.

IT Services

Salvage data recovery, sales and implementation of Avast security solutions, health information systems.

* IT support adapted to specific situations and markets.

You need some of our services?

Have you looked at what we’re doing? Don’t hesitate! Feel free to contact us, no strings attached. We cooperate and we have achieved cooperation with many companies, associations, but also with regular persons.

We approach each job responsibly and professionally, regardless of volume, size and type of work. See our references If you are in doubt!