Fast and reliable service of laptops and equipment. Hardware and Software!

Laptop and Equipment Service

Repair and upgrade your mobile PC at affordable prices!


Problems with the laptop? Your laptop is slow, you suspect it’s infected with viruses or similar malicious programs, or you hear some suspicious noises from it? It’s not going to work, “All of a sudden” stopped working? no problem! We solve everything, even that kind of thing!


Laptop maintenance is a failure prevention! Some people take a car to an auto mechanic when it breaks down, and some of them take it preventively to look at their condition. It’s the same with a portable computer! For long-lasting, comfortable and safe operation, the laptop needs maintenance!


You have a specific situation, problems with the laptop are not frequent. Problems occur “sometimes – sometimes and/or in specific circumstances? no problem! We do software and hardware diagnostics, i.e. Analysis of laptops and equipment. We’re detecting a malfunction!

Reactive support, fast response to a failure report. With us or with you.

Quick service

Remote Support

We can quickly solve all more complex and urgent problems from a remote location over the Internet using TeamViewer. It is a very popular program that allows easy Computer Management remotely. All you need is to download the specified program and let us know the connection data (ID and password). Let's connect to your computer and solve the problem!

Data recovery

What happened? Your data (images, documents etc.) are missing from the laptop? The computer is correct or incorrect, it doesn’t matter. Every data loss is specific. In most cases, this is not a problem for us. Contact us with confidence!

Other services

Need to install/implement some kind of software solution? Installation of the operating system (Windows), antivirus, office package and other programs. We are upgrading software and hardware. Need some advice? He can do anything! no problem!

When you have any problems or questions related to your laptop, feel free to contact us.