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FUNKCIONALNOSTIBarlov fiskalizacija
RobaDA! Ima opciju
PartneriDA! Ima opciju
PDV i PNPDA! Ima opciju
Normativi i skladišteDA! Ima opciju
KalkulacijeDA! Ima opciju
OtpisDA! Ima opciju
Knjiga šankaDA! Ima opciju
IzvještajiDA! Ima opciju
Inventura sa usklađenjemDA! Ima opciju
Svi načini plaćanjaDA! Ima opciju
Pregled računaDA! Ima opciju
Zaključak blagajneDA! Ima opciju
Knjiga prometaDA! Ima opciju
Ponude i popustiDA! Ima opciju
Happy HourDA! Ima opciju
Brzi izbornikDA! Ima opciju
Touch readyDA! Ima opciju


800,00 kn


99,00 kn / mj.

Technical support is charged, the rental users are not charged.


Initial adjustment of the program, the entry of goods/services and the education of users to work with programs are not included in the price of the program. This work is negotiated in particular, depending on the work we do.


After 12 months (from the date of purchase) a mandatory monthly fee for the use of the program in the amount of 15,00 EUR / month. The fee is the same for all. Telephone and internet support are included.


Programs are in compliance with all laws and regulations. We follow laws and regulations and ensure that programs are updated on time. We are listening to your constructive criticism and suggestions for improving your program!

Technical support

We provide technical support and corrections of any errors and finishing of the program. Available from 0-24!

Other information

All prices are shown as retail ie. Include VAT. 1 program (license) = 1 billing device.

Programs are constantly evolving!

Technical prerequisites for the installation of our programs

Hardware requirements

You don’t need a strong computer

Software Requirements

Windows 7 and later

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